Stevie Ray Vaughan – 1985-06-19 – Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrisoin, CO “Stilleto Rain” A+ Essential SRV

Stevie Ray Vaughan – 1985-06-19 – Red Rocks Amphitheater, Morrisoin, CO  “Stilleto Rain” A+ Essential SRV

This one of the best quality kick ass shows by Stevie Ray, one of my alltime favorite guitar players.  Here it is brought to you in lossless FLAC files.

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Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
Red Rocks Amphitheater – Morrison, CO
June 19, 1985
‘Stilleto Rain’

Excellent SBD recording

Source: Silvers > EAC > WAV > SHN
EAC log included

1. Ain’t Gone N Give Up On Love (7:39)
2. Pride and Joy (5:09)
3. Voodoo Chile (Slight Return) (12:40)
4. Tin Pan Alley (12:01)
5. Look At Little Sister (4:08)
6. Texas Flood (9:20)
7. Come On (6:28)
8. Little Wing (7:44)
9. Third Stone From The Sun (8:21)

[Primadonna, PD109]


srv-StilletoRain-t01.flac srv-StilletoRain-t01.flac
Size : 41.448 Kb
Type : flac
srv-StilletoRain-t02.flac srv-StilletoRain-t02.flac
Size : 30.79 Kb
Type : flac
srv-StilletoRain-t03.flac srv-StilletoRain-t03.flac
Size : 71.314 Kb
Type : flac
srv-StilletoRain-t04.flac srv-StilletoRain-t04.flac
Size : 54.489 Kb
Type : flac
srv-StilletoRain-t05.flac srv-StilletoRain-t05.flac
Size : 26.315 Kb
Type : flac
srv-StilletoRain-t06.flac srv-StilletoRain-t06.flac
Size : 54.021 Kb
Type : flac
srv-StilletoRain-t07.flac srv-StilletoRain-t07.flac
Size : 39.05 Kb
Type : flac
srv-StilletoRain-t08.flac srv-StilletoRain-t08.flac
Size : 39.318 Kb
Type : flac
srv-StilletoRain-t09.flac srv-StilletoRain-t09.flac
Size : 46.556 Kb

Bob Marley and the Wailers – One Love Peace Concert Rehearsal – Strawberry Hill, Jamaica April 1978 2012 Birthday Countdown #6

Bob Marley and the Wailers – One Love Peace Concert Rehearsal –  Strawberry Hill Rehearsal, Jamaica April 1978

01 Exodus 
02 Horn Jam 
03 Natty Dread 
04 Natty Dread 
05 Natty Dread 
06 Natural Mystic 
07 Natural Mystic 
08 War 
09 War 
10 War
11 War
12 War
13 War 
14 Exodus 
15  Punky Reggae Party
16 Punky Reggae Party 
17 Punky Reggae Party 
18 Punky Reggae Party

click each track to listen, or left click and save as to download



Having just returned from exile in England after being shot before the Smile Jamaica Concert in 1976, this is probably the first music bob played after returning to Jamaica.  The audio is very rare, and I have never seen photographs or video of this rehearsal.  I have included pictures when Bob meet with Claudie and Bucky before the concert.   There is also the complete known audio recordings from all the artists that performed except Bob’s performance as it is officially released and I try to focus on unofficial documents. Also to clear up the confusion about the lightning that strikes during Bob’s performance, that didn’t actually happen, it was a special effect added by the production people at Island Records.  Very dramatic but not real.

Below is a brief history of the One Love Peace Concert from wiki. If you were there, you are more than blessed, super blessed.

The idea for the One Love Peace Concert came from two gangsters from rival political factions, who happened to be locked up in the same jail cell together and who both wanted to alleviate the violence. Claudius ‘Claudie’ Massop (JLP) and Aston ‘Bucky’ Marshall (PNP) decided that the best means to bring the country together was to use music as a uniting factor and organize a major concert. Quickly realizing that Bob Marley was a critical element upon which their success depended, Massop flew to London after being released from jail to convince Marley to perform at the event. Marley accepted the invitation, and the concert was Marley’s first performance in Jamaica since he was almost assassinated there in 1976.

The concert

The One Love Peace Concert brought together 16 of Reggae’s biggest acts, and was dubbed by the media as the “Third World Woodstock”, “Bob Marley plays for Peace” and simply, “Bob Marley Is Back.” The concert attracted more than 32,000 spectators with the proceeds of the show going towards “much needed sanitary facilities and housing for the sufferahs in West Kinston.” The concert was kicked off at exactly 5:00 PM with a message from Asfa Wossen, the crown prince of Ethiopia, praising the concert organizers’ efforts to restore peace in Jamaica. The concert was divided into two halves, with the first half devoted to showcasing some of Reggae’s newer talent, and the second half devoted to the more established artists.

Jacob Miller energetically launched the second half of the concert, during which time Edward Seaga and Michael Manley got to their seats. The highlight of Miller’s performance came when he “leaped onto the field with lighted spliff herb and offered it to a police man, donned the lawman’s helmet, jumped back onto the stage and continued the number as he paraded the herb.”

Alternatively, Peter Tosh took the opportunity during his performance to berate the two political leaders sitting directly in front of him for their positions against legalizing marijuana. His set lasted 66 minutes, and Tosh spent almost half of that time denouncing the problems prevalent in society. At around 12:30 AM, Bob Marley took the stage to perform some of his biggest hits. The climax came during his performance of Jammin’ when he called both Manley and Seaga to the stage, and in a symbolic gesture, the three held up their hands together to signify their unity.

Bob Marley said the following as he called the two politicians onstage, and while he held their hands above his head and said while improvising on “Jammin'”:

Just let me tell you something (yeah), to make everything come true, we gotta be together. (Yeah, yeah, yeah) and through the spirit of the Most High, His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I, we’re inviting a few leading people of the slaves to shake hands. . . To show the people that you love them right, to show the people that you gonna unite, show the people that you’re over bright, show the people that everything is all right. Watch, watch, watch, what you’re doing, because I wanna send a message right out there. I mean, I’m not so good at talking but I hope you understand what I’m trying to say. Well, I’m trying to say, could we have, could we have, up here onstage here the presence of Mr. Michael Manley and Mr. Edward Seaga. I just want to shake hands and show the people that we’re gonna make it right, we’re gonna unite, we’re gonna make it right, we’ve got to unite . The moon is right over my head, and I give my love instead. The moon was right above my head, and I give my love instead.

The impact of the concert

Unfortunately, the event did little to quell the political violence. The event’s two organizers, Massop and Marshall were both killed within two years after the concert. Manley’s critics argue that the he used his appearance at the concert to demonstrate the bond he shared with the Jamaican sufferahs and Rastafarians. Within a few weeks of his appearance, he called for an election and won with a significant margin, only further escalating the violence between the two major parties. It was not until Bob Marley’s funeral in 1981 that the two political figures met each other in person and once again shook hands.


The Meditations

“Life Is Not Easy”

“Woman Is Like A Shadow”                                          

Althea and Donna

“Uptown Top Ranking”


“Teeth And Tongue”

“The War Is Over”

“Eastman Skank”

The Mighty Diamonds

“Keep On Moving”

“There’s No Me Without You”

“I Need A Roof”


“Mrs Melody”


“Natty Never Get Weary”

“Natty Dread Taking Over”

“Stop This Fussing & Fighting”

Dennis Brown

“Children of Israel”

“Love Me Always”

“Milk & Honey”

“Whip Them Jah”

“How Could I Leave”


“Who Say They A Gone”


“Yabby You Sound”

Leroy Smart

“Ballistic Affair”

Jacob Miller and Inner Circle

“Forward Jah Jah Children”

“I’m A Natty”

“Discipline Child”

“Shakey Girl”

“Top Ranking Special”

“Tired Fe Lick Weed”

“Peace Treaty Special”

Big Youth

“I Pray Thee”

“Every Nigger Is A Star”

“In This Ya Time”

“House of Dreadlocks”

“Isiah The First Prophet Of Old”

“Peace At Last”

“Old Man River”

“Hit The Road Jack”

Beres Hammond


“I Miss You”

“One Step Ahead”

Peter Tosh


“400 Years”

“Stepping Razor”


“Equal Rights”

“Legalize It”

“Get Up, Stand Up”

Ras Michael and The Sons of Negus

“Ethiopian National Anthem”

“None A Jah Jah Children No Cry”

“Come Down”

“In A Amagideon”

“A New Name”

Bob Marley & The Wailers

“Lion of Judah”

“Natural Mystic”

“Trenchtown Rock”

“Natty Dread”

“Positive Vibration”



“One Love / People Get Ready”

“Jah Live”

Visit my site here for an exclusive playlist of the entire artists above audio.  ONE LOVE PEACE CONCERT AUDIO