Israel Vibration – Roslyn, In my Father’s House, NY Oct. 10th 1979 Great Pre80’s Live Reggae

Today’s special is one of the oldest recording of the great roots harmony group Israel Vibration. To me I-Vibes are only the original trio, they might still carry on with the name but nothing compares to the beautiful sound the group in their hay-day with the original three members Wise, Apple, and Skully.  Enjoy this rare treat, I think there is only one other Israel Vibration show from 1979 and that is from Sunplash in Jamaica.

Israel Vibration
backed by Monyaka

Roslyn, In my Father’s House, NY

01 Same Song Instrumental                                               
02 Prophet has arise (sic)
03 Walk the Streets of Glory
04 Weep and mourn
05 I’ll go through
06 Jah Time has come
07 Ball of Fire
08 Same Song
09 Why worry

Youtube vid of the complete set. Thanks to all tapers who document these rare moments in musical history.