Black Uhuru – Buffalo, NY 9-16-1984 Soundboard Complete Show

Black Uhuru – Buffalo, NY 9-16-1984 Soundboard Complete Show
A really great recording from the massive Uhuru right before they would split and reform with Jr. Reid in 1985.  I really enjoy hearing live version of What is Life and Solidarity.

Shine eye gal
Plastic smile
I Love King Selassie
What is Life
Sponji Reggae
General Penitentiary
Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner
World is Africa
Sensimilla (labeled as track 1 but is beginning of round 2)

You can watch the youtube video below or Download the FLAC files here

This show is very under circulated, I have not seen it on any torrents sites over the last 6 years.

Bob Marley & The Wailers – April 13th 1979 Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan Rare Recording

Bob Marley & The Wailers

1979.04.13. Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan

This show has the  most clapping I have ever heard during any concert, so I asked a Japanese friend if he could give me some insight.  I talked with Hideki Nakagawa who explained to me that since the Japanese can’t sing along with the songs since they don’t understand English well, they “clap to convey the feelings of us from start to end.”  Hideki also had this to say about this particular show. “I am hearing this show now and it is most amazing show of all Japan shows. The Crowd sing along with No Woman No Cry(Bob brings to sing and start sing) it is magic moment.
Junior said Japanese word at end of Jammin “Okini”.
That means “Thank you” in the words of Osaka Dialect,
usually “Arigato”.”

Audience Recording.  Fairly Good Quality. One of the lesser circulated dates from the April 1979 tour of Japan.  For the more serious collectors that like to have history preserved in its best quality, I have provided lossless FLAC files and for most are MP3 files, just click on the song title to play or left click and save as to download.

01 – Positive vibration                       
02 – Concrete jungle
03 – Them belly full
04 – The heathen
05 – Running away
06 – Crazy baldhead
07 – I shot the sheriff
08 – No woman no cry
09 – Is this love
10 – Lively up yourself
11 – Jammin
12 – War
13 – Get up stand up

14 – Exodus

You can Download Lossless FLAC files on the main site here JAPAN PAGE