Kevin MacDonald’s Bob Marley Film “Marley” Will World Premiere Next Month – Finally

Kevin MacDonald’s long anticipated Bob Marley Film Will World Premiere At The 62nd Berlin International Film Festival.

Titled “Marley” and set for its world premiere in February 2012 in Berlin, the film will examine “the life, legacy and global impact of a true legend,” said in a  statement from the producers, Tuff Gong Pictures, Shangri-La Entertainment and Cowboy Films. It will look at the life  Bob Marley by interviewing many of the figures in and around him as well as using rare archival material.  MacDonald (Touching the Void and The Last King of Scotland)  ended up directing the film after Jonathan Demme and Martin Scorsese failed to get it finished.  There is also a film by Esther Anderson and Gian Godoy that is showing at film festival currently called “Bob Marley: The Making Of A Legend”. I have been privileged to view rare collectors versions of some of Esther’s footage and I will do an in depth article on her movie in a future post.

MacDonald’s film is most anticipate especially to long time collectors of Marley material as it has permission to include rare material and  has been given unprecedented access to the Marley family’s private archives.  Supposedly the first time they have granted this access to a film maker.  Most documentaries on Marley in the last decade or more have used much of the same footage.  Hardcore fans are eagerly awaiting some fresh never before seen footage (myself included).  Hopefully this movie will finally do justice to the life of one of the biggest most influential figures in popular music.

From Bob

Ziggy says, ” Saw a rough version of new Bob Marley documentary, Marley, with director, Kevin MacDonald.  It is a very emotional. This is the most personal Bob film any one will ever see. You will cry and smile.  Kevin MacDonald directed “The Last King of Scotland” among others. He’s very good.  I am one of the producers, it is being done as a joint production between Shangrila Pictures and Tuff Gong Pictures. Tuff Gong is our family’s company, started by our father.  I hope it will be in theatres everywhere, it all depends if they want it. I am sure it will be in theatres not sure if everywhere. I hope so though. Jah willing.”