Culture In Dub Vinyl Rip

One of my favorite Dub LP’s with one of my favorite dub songs Iron Sharpen Iron Dub. Mixed by the great Errol Brown this comes from a vinyl rip of my LP.  The LP is long Out of Print, but the tracks have been reissued on CD. I love the warm sound of my LP’s so I decided to share this one even though it is not 100% OOP.

Culture – Culture In Dub

Sky Note LP #SKY LP 16 1978
High Note LP #
Record date : 1978

Album style : roots, dub

Playlist :
Everyday Love Dub
Skilful Dub
Iron Sharp Dub
Tropical Dub Fever
Heavenly Dub
Harder Than The Rest
Freedom Jam
Deep Root Dub

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Producer : Sonia Pottinger

Mixing Engineer : Errol Brown

Studios :
Treasure Isle (Kingston, JA)

4 thoughts on “Culture In Dub Vinyl Rip

  1. Awesome cover art. I don’t know a ton about reggae, but I just watched the film Rockers (1978), that has a ton of real musicians in it playing the characters. Burning spear, Jacob Miller, Big Youth, and a bunch of other guys. You might’ve already seen it, but I dug it.

  2. Irie Andrew. I LOVE ROCKERS, one of the best reggae movies. I stayed at the hotel Horsey was jammin at with Jacob Miller in the movie. Way Cool, Plus I was lucky to meet Horsemouth and he is one of the most down to earth breddas around. Thanks for the comment.

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