Marley Kids Sing Bob Marley Live in Concert – Bob Marley Birthday Countdown #4

So no one better to pay tribute to Bob Marley than his children.  Here is a special playlist compiled from my archives. It features Ziggy, Stephen, Kymani, Damian, and Julian Marley doing tracks by their dad. I have worked hard to include tracks from soundboards and in the best recorded quality possible. Stay tuned as in the next day or 2 I will feature a playlist of many various reggae artists doing Bob Marley songs live.  All are unreleased rare tracks like those in this mix.  Enjoy the tunes and if you like my posts please follow the blog and also visit my Bob Marley Concerts site. All songs can be downloaded from the player. 



Web music player



01 stephen marley 2011-04-14 Marley Intro
02 stephen marley 2011-04-14 Iron Lion Zion
03 Kymani Marley, Damian Marley – Crazy Baldheads Jamaica 2005
04 DamianMarley2003FEB20CatalystSBD Crazy Baldheads
05 DamianMarley2003FEB20CatalystSBD Name Junior Gong
06 Ziggy Marley – Forever Loving Jah Reggae on the River 2006
07 Ziggy Marley – The Metro, Boston, MA 4-6-88 Rat Race
08 Julian Marley2003FEB20CatalystSBD Rebel Music
09 Julian Marley2003FEB20CatalystSBD Lion In The Morning
10 Stephen Marley 2011-04-14 Jah Army
11 stephen marley 2011-04-14 Tight Ship
12 Ziggy Marley – Love Is My Religion Reggae on the River 2006
13 Ziggy Marley – Justice Reggae on the River 2006
14 Kymani Marley Running Away Jamaica 2005
15 Stephen and Damian Marley – Jamaica 2005 It Was Written
16 Stephen Marley – Misty Morning Jamaica 2005
17 DamianMarley2003FEB20CatalystSBD War
18 Damian Marley No More Trouble 2003 FEB 20 CatalystSBD
19 DamianMarley2003FEB20CatalystSBD Slave Driver
20 Ziggy Marley – The Metro, Boston, MA 4-6-88 Heathen
21 Stephen Marley Guiltiness Jamaica 2005
22 Stephen Marley 2003 FEB 20 Catalyst SBD Soul Rebel
23 Kymani Marley – Kinky Reggae Jamaica 2005
24 Kymani Marley – Jamaica 2005
25 ziggy_marley_2011-07-01_09 Stir It Up
26 Stephen Julian Damian Marley 2003 FEB 20 Catalyst SBD Could You Be Loved

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